COVID-19 info:  From 13th May 2020 all restrictions on sales of ammunition and firearms are lifted.

TEMPORARY STORE HOURS Following restrictions on sales and travel our store hours will remain at 10am til 3pm weekdays and 9am til 1pm Saturday.  This will likely change shortly.  Our phone is set to divert to our mobile, so we can still assist with most queries remotely.  If you can’t get through, please leave a message and we will get back to you.  You can also contact us via Facebook, Instagram, email, or by web enquiry.  If need be, we can arrange to meet you at our store outside of our regular hours.


PRICE RISES: from 1st April 2020 there has been an increase in price across the entire range of 10-20%.  The good news is that we only increase our price when we buy new stock, so what we have here already stays the same – good for you 🙂


Welcome to our online store!  We now have over 9000 products listed online.

We are adding stock as it arrives every day, so be sure to check back regularly.

If you see a product you want that we are out of stock of, be sure to let us know and we can put one aside when we get new stock so you don’t miss out.  If you are after something specific let us know and we will find it for you.





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